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What others have said about the book

  • "Is It Time to Think Again? is a travel guide for anyone who wants to find purpose in life and be inspired on their journey."

  • "Graeme Evans has found a way into the big questions, and has set forth a tour guide of answers that honest enquirers will find compelling."

  • "Is It Time to Think Again? is not just a rehash of what others have written. It is replete with angles that will thrill the existing believer and astonish the open enquirer."

  • "Read this book, and see how it wobbles your worldview."

  • "This is a book that can be read and given to friends and family with confidence."

  • "Graeme's gifting and experience as a software engineer and analytical thinker has been put to good use. In a careful, thoughtful, meticulous way, he has sought to consider every angle and possibility, to discover truths that pass the tests of objectivity."


You can't tell a book by its cover, but this is what is on the back:

We all have one life to live, and gradually realize that it passes quickly. 
As adults we learn the value of living intelligently and intentionally. Yet most of us become swamped when we try to apply this approach to the big questions of life. The biosphere and humanity are highly complex, and the cosmos is breathtakingly vast. 
WHAT IS TRUTH? Can we rely on perspectives that were taught to us as facts? Does current mainstream science provide all the answers and worldview we need in order to live and thrive? Can it fully satisfy our desire for meaning? 
This book begins with an examination of truth itself, and suggests ways we can improve our ability to discern truth from fiction. It then goes on to identify recent scientific discoveries that challenge conventional thinking, before exploring a number of other vital issues that touch on 'the meaning of life'. 
Is It Time to Think Again? is both a roadmap and travel-guide for people who seek to explore the big questions of life.

Overview of the Book

  • As a roadmap, it provides a useful structure that readers should find very helpful for approaching these complex subjects systematically, rather than being intimidated by their shear breadth and complexity.
  • As a travel-guide, it identifies many fascinating discoveries and topics that readers may wish to explore further themselves.

Because our understanding of origins greatly influences our answer to the question 'What is the meaning of life?', nearly half of the book is devoted to exploring this vital subject in breadth. It identifies many scientific discoveries over the last fifty years that challenge status quo perspectives, and visits key aspects of the evolution / intelligent design debate.

The second half of the book explores the implications if we are created, rather than are the product of colossal cosmic chance. It identifies two sets of writings from antiquity that stand head and shoulders above everything else, for being consistent with an entity capable of creating the cosmos and biosphere. The book then gives an overview of their characteristics and main themes, helping readers to assess whether, compiled together as our modern Bible, they form "the Maker's handbook" for humankind. It goes on to summarize what the Bible says about how we can find our way home, and connect personally with the one who made us; and finishes with some observations and suggestions as to where that might lead.

The book is written in a fast-moving and stimulating style that conveys the sense that the author is a fellow traveller and explorer with the reader. At various points along the way, it asks penetrating questions that give readers plenty to ponder. It opens up topics for readers to think about for themselves, rather than forcing them to agree with the author.

Primarily, the book has been written for those who are humbly asking whether God exists and want to think their way through this objectively, with an integrity that is willing to embrace what they discover. However, the book is also inspiring for existing Christians. Much of the content is very encouraging and stimulating, even for mature believers. And it provides plenty of material you can use in conversations with people who are eager for honest discussion on these interesting and wide ranging topics - or might want to borrow your copy of the paperback or e-book.


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To preview a sample of the e-book, click on this link and follow the simple instructions on how to do this.

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