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The links on this page are provided for the convenience of readers who wish to research various subjects more deeply.


Part 1: Thinking Again – About Our Origins

The Universe is an active site used by a number of professional physicists and cosmologists, to exchange information that is problematic for the big bang hypothesis. is also useful.  This is a big active site, with lots of current news and other goodies about astronomy & space, Earth, physics, nanotechnology, technology, chemistry, biology, and other sciences (albeit with a fairly strong pro-evolution bias).


Life and Biosphere: The Origin of Life pmc/articles/PMC3495036/  The RNA world hypothesis:


Life and Biosphere: Geological Time


Intelligent Design / Creation sites  A big site that covers many topics. It has fairly good search facilities.  A smaller site, but with good up-to-date content.  Creation Evolution Headlines - also has plenty of interesting up-to-date content - Helping believers think and thinkers believe

Part 2: Thinking Again – If We Are Created

General  - Helping believers think and thinkers believe.  This is a high-quality site that I have recently discovered.  It addresses a number of topics covered in the book (and then some), in a way that is both respectful yet honest.  Its topics are well researched, go to considerable depth, and are presented well.  - This is a very broad site covering many topics covered in the book, and a host more.  It provides concise articles, which identify key elements, rather than in-depth discussion.  However, as such it provides a very useful overview of many topics.


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